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Can't find out the answer to your question? 

GROW Help Center will support you within 24 hours.

  • What is GROW?
    GROW is a digital asset management platform that provides simple and easy services where users can grow their digital assets. GROW focuses on giving back the value to the users with Flexible and Fixed earns via compound rewards on BTC and ETH. In the meantime, GROW supports easy Staking features for various coins including ICX, BAND, and NEAR. Hence, GROW pursues to be a digital asset management platform for B2B crypto finance, Bank, and all other financial services based on blockchain technologies to improve the financial industry. See our home page for more details on which crypto assets are supported, and check back often as the GROW team is always expanding the offering list and improving our services., while ICON (ICX), Band Protocol (BAND), and Near Protocol (NEAR) are supported for staking services.
  • Why choose GROW?
    GROW’s core products are very simple enough to allow users to grow their crypto assets with trust. GROW has been providing among the highest Earn reward rates of 6.18% (p.a.) on Bitcoin. GROW has never rejected a withdrawal or failed to make a reward payment while establishing a self-funding insurance for any possible damage on user assets.
  • What products/services is GROW providing?
    GROW provides the following services: Flexible Earn: Any BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC holders can deposit their coins into GROW to receive compound earn rates in every 4 hour. There is no lock up period except that withdrawal can take up to 24 hours. Fixed Earns: If users have deposits on Flexible accounts, users can increase the compound earn rates by using Fixed Earn products with certain lockup periods of 30, 90, 180 days. Users cannot cancel the Fixed Earns or make an early withdrawal with penalty, but the Fixed Earn products suggest among-the-highest earn rates. There is no tier system cutting the earn rates on GROW Fixed Earns - the more users deposit, the more they earn. Staking: GROW users can stake their coins and tokens on the GROW application. It provides easy and simple UI and UX for staking users so that they no longer need to hassle with staking on the native wallets. In addition, the GROW app provides Auto Staking, a unique feature automatically restaking the staking coins so that users can enjoy the compound effect without paying further attention to it. All users need to do is turn on the Auto Stake feature. MyCrypto: GROW users can connect their exchange wallet APIs with the GROW app and check out the balances on the exchanges at the GROW app altogether. With MyCrypto service, users no longer need to switch exchange apps to check out the balances.
  • Does GROW support corporation accounts?
    Yes. Please send an email to indicating your intention of opening a business account. We will send you documents needed for opening a business account.
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